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The digital world is making us more distracted than ever before. It is now harder to focus, plan and control our time in this digital chaos.
But here's your opportunity to rise above the noise and give your company superpowers.

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We anonymize and aggregate user data.
Data is encrypted in transit and at rest.


Our app is reviewed by G Suite team periodically.

meet your new chief of time


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It's not only about the time you save. It's about focusing the limited mental power you have in a given day and spend it on the best uses of your time.


All without ever leaving your context.  All with a game-like experience.


Every magic and insight are build upon state of the art methodologies.


Magics are working seamlessly on your tools so you don't need to leave your context.

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I saved over 11% man-hours with just one recommendation from my Chief of Time. I finally feel in control of my company's time.

Adi Azaria, CEO @Workiz

Supertools has helped my company become 15% more productive. It has a major impact on our company culture which translated to business growth

Oded Cohen, CEO @Upright

Supertools brings each employee to higher levels of productivity without hurting the fun-factor

Nim Bar-Levin, CEO @Dynamo

Time > money