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Humans are tool users by nature, but most of us don't have the skills to use the tools around us like pros. In an age of ever-increasing demand for our attention and time, we need to deal with constant interruption, too many apps, and pointless meetings.
Supertools challenges this status quo by optimizing your digital workflows and by sparking a balanced, productive culture.

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Craft them into actionable insights

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What they say?

Oded Cohen

Oded Cohen

Founder, Upright

"Supertools have helped me and my company become 15% more productive. It has a major impact on our company culture which translated to business growth"
Naama Zalzman

Naama Dror Zazlman

VP of Business Development,
Vertex Ventures

"I keep getting great feedback on the Supertools workshop and its impact on the participants' professional and personal lives, and can't wait to host Tommy again!"
Nim Bar-Levin

Nim Bar-Levin

Co-Founder & CEO,

"Supertools is a building block in our welcoming package for every (yes every!) new employee. Put simply - it brings each employee to higher levels of productivity without hurting the fun-factor."
Ori Luzia

Ori Luzia

Senior Marketing Manager,

"Supertools have helped me to completely redesign my relationship with technology. My phone, my computer, and my mailbox are now tools that empower my efficiency, instead of the other way around."